Molisan. Customers opinion, comments.

Customers opinion, comments: 361

There is no need to think that “Molisan” is a panacea from any trouble and that it heals everyone, but in helps in many cases, where other remedies are powerless.

Teo Gagnidze

Thank you very much that you exist and have great products 😘 especially “Molisan” – product for hair loss treatment 💖 💋 👍 👍 26.02.2016.

Salomea Kipiani

“Molisan” is a miracle!! 💖

Temo Chkadua

I confirm that I have good result. I bought it for 30 lari. “Molisan” helps many things. In my case it helped and I see its action every day. 25.02.2016.

Meryem Lfr

“Molisan” purified my face in one week: but you should clean your face several times a day, you shouldn’t stop. I used it for two weeks and my skin is like a child’s skin. 25.02.2016.

Nini Kvizinadze

“Molisan” helped me to get good result. I had terrible hair loss – I was losing locks of it, when combing. Now there are only a few hairs lost when combing. 25.02.2016.

Karen Ter-Oganezov

Thank you very much! Thanks to you I forgot what is feeling of sickness in the morning, vomiting, especially at a hangover. My stomach action is normalized! I started “Molisan” intake in the morning and in the evening because of the throat bleeding. Now my state is extraordinary! I’m very satisfied and infinitely grateful to you! Hooray that you exist! 24.02.2016.

Алма Беридзе

Girls, I must admit, that it’s very effective to make tampons together with washings. At the first day- 1 or 2 tampons, mostly in order to feel the way “Molisan” acts. In remaining days you should make washings in the morning and in the evening plus tampon at night. Applying tampon for 3-4 times is enough, but it depends on concrete case. I have erosion and got good enough result after 5 days. You can use sterile bandage to make tampons. 22.02.2016.

Nino Butxuzi

This “Molisan” is a real miracle. It must be in each family.

Natia Duduchava

If your face is irritated, “Molisan” is indispensible. It concerns one of the members of my family. Thanks to its creator 22.02.2016.

Mzia Gogoladze

Thank you so much Mr. David that this remedy exists. I was suffering from face fungus for 7 months. I tried to use so many things to treat my disease. But there was no result. Even allergy developed from most of those drugs. In one word, I will not bother you. My sister-in law saw “Molisan” on Facebook and bought it for me immediately. On the third day from its start I felt a relief. I finished one treatment course and I feel very good. Thank you so much for such a great assistance. May God bless Mr. David, may God bless you. 19.02.2016.

Cici Kaciashvili

I didn’t believe that “Molisan” had so many opportunities. I started to use it only one week ago and I already see its result. It is really safe and useful. Even for children. I advise it to all of you…. 19.02.2016.

Meryem Lfr

“Molisan” is really the best. It purified my face in one week. I almost lost my mind. Before I started to use it, I thought people who write comments are connected to its founder and make it in vain. I could never believe what it was in real. Human can use it almost for everything. I’ve never seen such a remedy in my life. Well done, guys… 19.02.2016.

Thank you. I wish I was in Georgia as “Molisan” that I bought is almost over. I gave part of it to many people. All of them were grateful. 19.02.2016.

Iamze Tsomaia

“Molisan” is really an extraordinary medication. I drink it each evening using its own cap and I’m sure that virus can’t defeat me. 18.02.2016.

Maiko Arqania

Colloid silver is a miraculous natural antibiotic indeed. It really meets one’s expectations. Thank you. 16.02.2016.

Lena Oshxereli

It is a living water… it is miraculous, purposeful for everything, mentioned above. I can’t describe it verbally. “Molisan” is really a miracle…. Thanks to its creator. 16.02.2016.

Ana Giorgadze

“Molisan” is really a strong remedy. Only one week passed since I started to use it and I got a miraculous result. I was displeased at the start as it dried and exfoliated my face skin. But at the moment my skin is so soft and clean. I’m surprised as well. I had rashes on my face and back and now they totally disappeared. 15.02.2016.

Tamta Khantadze

I like “Molisan” very much. It is suitable for many things, not only women diseases… I used it in many ways and it is really a strong medication. Thanks to its creator and manufacturer 💖 14.02.2016.

Madlena M.

I’m very satisfied with “Molisan”. Several years ago a proctologist diagnosed chronic crack. Minor bleeding was observed in this area from time to time. In this period of time I was putting suppositories to treat it. Not long ago I suffered from my disease exacerbation so much that even suppositories didn’t help. My rectum partly went out and it couldn’t go back to its place. I felt terrible burning; I couldn’t even stand or lie down. I had such a terrible burning that I could hardly enter “Molisan” inside with the help of microclyster. “Molisan” brought me back the joy of life. I feel much better, there is no comparison. 12.02.2016

Miranda Goshxeteliani

I use “Molisan”… and it lowered my hair loss in one week only so much that I can’t believe it.ებ.

Iamze Tsomaia

My grandchild had chickenpox. I was cleaning her skin with “Molisan” in the morning and in the evening. Our disease melted away with no scars on her skin. 12.02.2016.

Maiko Arqania

“Molisan” is an incredible product. My sister uses it.

Тако Деметрашвили

I like “Molisan” very much. It has so many consumers.

Teo Demetradze

I didn’t believe in “Molisan” too before I tried it on myself. To get result you should use it properly. 10.02.2016.

Iamze Tsomaia

“Molisan” is very strong. It should be in each family.

Khatuna Leshkasheli

Thank you for “Molisan”. I’ve used it for face care for 2 months already and I got a miraculous result. It’s still nothing. My grandmother is 87 years old, she has trophic ulcer. I applied gauze cloth wetted in “Molisan” on the damaged area four times a day. I was very surprised when the wound started to heal. Thank you once again from me and my grandmother. 08.02.2016.

Ira Doliashvili

Hello. I’m just a human. I’m not hired and there is nothing like that. I couldn’t help myself from expressing my opinion regarding “Molisan”. “Molisan” gave me back the joy of life. My face was full of festering sores. I used “Molisan”. I’m in seventh heaven now…. May God give you joy for creating this medication. There was no information about “Molisan” in my village. I was the first who tried to use it and I was very satisfied. I gave some “Molisan” to my neighbours and they liked it very much. Afterwards, I bought several bottles of “Molisan”, took it to my village and sold it out for 35 Lari. Who could refuse such a “bring-to-door” service? It totally cleaned our girls’ faces. One neighbor told me that “Molisan” even healed exfoliated nails on her legs. Thank you for inventing “Molisan”. 05.02.2016.

Iva-Nato Dzneladze

Girls, I really advise it to you. “Molisan” is a kind of real miracle. I’ve been treated for 3 years already because of some gynecological problems and with no result. “Molisan” was highly-praised and finally I was interested in it too. I tried to use it. And I got result in 2 days. Now I’m so delightful…. Thanks to its creator. I wish you 05.02.2016.

Инга Кетеван

I bought “Molisan” today, Dato made throat gargling 3 times, we managed to do it. And we got a miraculous result. I can’t even describe it verbally: to thank this medication’s creator… My son was suffering from high temperature, acute angina and stomatitis and we got such a result with “Molisan” that we couldn’t achieve with the help of antibiotics. I couldn’t help myself from writing as I’m a happy mother….. I’m sure that our disease will be totally treated in 3 days…. Thank you so much with all my heart. May God bless you… Happy mother 💖 27.01.2016.

Yesterday, a bit late, but my son ate his meal and he had no sore throat… It is really a result…. In comparison with previous days he feels much better today 💖 29.01.2016.

We’ve started to use “Molisan” for 3 days and today we totally defeated virus. Thank you once again 💖 30.01.2016.

We are fully recovered, we defeated virus 💖 But we still make “Molisan” gargling for prevention. Thank you once again 💖 I’m going to buy one more bottle in nearest days according to my kids’ request. “Mommy, it is such a liquid that should be in each family”- my 11-year-old girl told me. I remember that terrible state we were in just several days ago 💖 02.02.2016.

Lena Oshxereli

I used “Molisan” before and I use it now. It is a fantastic remedy for face cleaning and for nail fungus. I saw result after several applies. It is really indispensible! I’m very satisfied. Thanks to “Molisan”. Try to use it frequently and you will get result soon 💜...01.02.2016.

Иулия Сумариук

I use “Molisan” and I’m very satisfied 👌👌👌

Cisia Gamdlishvili

I’m very grateful to “Molisan”. Thanks to its creator. I didn’t believe in it, but tried it on myself and now I must admit that “Molisan” is a miracle indeed. 29.01.2016.

Mariam Morbedadze

Hello. I had to write. I bought “Molisan” today and I liked it very much. I saw result today. But I believe in this medication so much, that I’m afraid not to be disappointed in it. What if “Molisan” solves my problem totally? 29.01.2016.

Tamriko Gogishvili

I bought this miracle too and I liked it very much. Thank you that you exist 👍

Lela Chotalishvili

“Molisan” in our family is an incredible miracle! 😍

Sofi Matureli

“Molisan” is a good remedy. I’m really satisfied with it 😊

Ira-Irina Chilachava

“Molisan” is a miracle indeed. My kid is 2 years and 6 months old and he suffers from sore throat practically all the time. And it is also accompanied with high temperature. Medications don’t help. I started to use it today, diluted in water and we got result in 1 day. 25.01.2016.

Natia Machaladze

My kid is also 2 years and 10 months old. You shouldn’t dilute it. If your kid can, make gargling with the use of 2.5 ml 7-8 times a day. My kid couldn’t make it, so I placed “Molisan” in glass bottle and spray it to his throat as often as possible…. We were suffering too and now we felt relief. 25.01.2016.

Diasamidze Tamuna

“Molisan” is really a miracle 👌

Megi Kipiani

“Molisan” is a miracle!! 💜 I could never imagine that I got such a result. 💜 Thank you for creating “Molisan” 💜 !!! 23.01.2016.

Smile Smile Smile

I’m very satisfied with “Molisan”, very satisfied. I interested many people in it and they almost went crazy. It is very effective. It totally healed my rashes. Thank you. 23.01.2016.

Nino Parjiani

“Molisan” is unique 😍

Mari Ami

“Molisan” of our existence is the best! 💖

Tammy Kekelidze

“Molisan” is very strong 👍

Qetevani Kikabidze

“Molisan” is very effective 😊

Roma Shoka

“Molisan” is very strong, I personally am satisfied. 😘

Nino Kortava

I must admit that my kid had acne. “Molisan” suited his disease and he is satisfied. I tried so many things, but “Molisan” turned out to be the best. He finished one bottle. I’m going to buy another one.20.01.2016.

Khatuna M. Hemorrhoids. Rectum cracks.

Hello. Today is the third day since I started using “Molisan”. I couldn’t help myself from writing here: “Molisan” is not a medication, it is a miracle.

Thank you very much for your patience which you showed while answering my questions. But for more than one month I was suffering so much. I couldn’t even realize what I was asking. I was an incomplete person. Now everything changed thanks to “Molisan” and you. Thank you very much once again. Now I’m looking for living water. I must take it together with “Molisan”. I hope I can find it in one of our pharmacies. 20.01.2016

Nana Goqsadze

I clean my face with “Molisan”. Result is perfect. 👍 💗 👍

Melita Diakonidze

Thanks to the inventor of “Molisan”! I didn’t believe in it… But…..

Tinatini Bejashvili

May God bring joy to “Molisan” inventor 💖

Nini Beridze

I’m really very satisfied with “Molisan”. I couldn’t even imagine getting such a result. 👏👏

Valeri Berikashvili

I used “Molisan” for face rashes and it is really effective. You should wet your face with “Molisan” 4-5 times a day and let it dry. 14.01.2016.

Irma Amri

I like “Molisan” very much as well. It helped my kid to purify her skin totally 😊

Anna Anna

“Molisan” helped my mom to heal trophic ulcer. Thanks to “Molisan” 💜

Irina Apkhazava

“Molisan” is an incredible liquid. I think it should be in each family. Georgians have only few products of such a quality. 12.01.2016.

Nazi Ceradze

“Molisan” is a miraculous medication. It creates miracles. It is indispensible and effective remedy to heal cracked and hardened heels. It is especially effective for women diseases treatment. Thanks to “Molisan”12.01.2016.

Xatia Otiashvili

I know that “Molisan” healed my face rashes and hair loss. I didn’t try it for any other things. So, I can’t say anything regarding other things. 12.01.2016.

Kato Bibileishvili

I’m going crazy with “Molisan” 😍

Guranda Abuladze

“Molisan” is indispensible remedy to heal glands. My kid’s purulent tonsillitis disappeared with the help of “Molisan” … Whereas we couldn’t come out of the state without antibiotic. Instead of paying money for doctor’s consultation, I advise you to buy “Molisan”… 27.12.2015.

Giorgi Bereziani

I’ve never saw a medication comparable in its effectiveness with “Molisan”.

Tamar Abshilava

I”ve been using “Molisan” for several months at the moment. I couldn’t believe that my unhelpfully problematic face could be treated with any remedy. I lost hope. It is a real miracle. Don’t lose your chance. No acne. My skin is elastic, its color is homogenous. In a word, it’s incredible. I advise it to all of you! 07.12.2015.

Mamuka Vashadze

“Molisan” is the best medication that I’ve ever bought!!!

Madona Todadze

“Molisan” is a prefect antiseptical remedy. I use it very often in my practice. And I’m very satisfied with it.

Lizi Sxirtladze

“Molisan is very effective. Thank you for solving my long-time problem. 👏 👍 👏 I 💖 Molisan.

Ruso Ejibia

My face was in a terrible state. I used plenty of ointments. But “Molisan” was better than any of it. Please, follow instructions for use and it will help you undoubtedly. 13.09.2015.

Mzika Bekaurie

I had a toothache for 2 weeks; more precisely my gum was irritated. Yesterday I decided to apply “Molisan”: maybe it will help. It created a miracle. I noticed blood on wadding, just a little bit, and my pain disappeared. Today it is not aching any more. Thanks to “Molisan”. 13.09.2015.

Irina Apkhazava

“Molisan” is incredible. I tried it just now.

Madona Goginashvili

“Molisan” helped to treat my kid’s purulent forehead and eye area in 2 days. I’m very satisfied. Thanks to the person who gave me this advice. It’s really a good remedy.

Clo Se

It is the most effective remedy 👍 👍 👍 “Molisan” gave me very good result. I used it for face cleaning and I’m using it now. I’m very satisfied. 😘 😘 👍 💗 👍

Nino Bladadze

“Molisan” is a miraculous remedy. My mom had trophic ulcer and it was healed. Unfortunately, my mom suffers from diabetes. And when an ulcer is healed on one area, another one appears somewhere else. I treat it with “Molisan” again. Thanks to “Molisan” creator. It’s really a miraculous remedy.

Maya Vardanashvili

“Molisan” is very effective for burn treatment. Especially, if we apply gauze bandage wetted in “Molisan” on damaged area in a timely manner. You should wet bandage with “Molisan” in 30 minutes. Repeat this procedure 3 times. 01.10.2016.

Leila Lomouri

“Molisan” should be in each family. It is really indispensible for treatment of different diseases. Thank you for this miraculous tincture 💗 💗 01.10.2016.

Salo Bugechashvili

I had terrible acne on my face. It already turned to spots. Nor face cleaning, nor any medication could help me. Then someone gave me an advice to use “Molisan”, I had no other way and bought it. It is one month already since I’ve started to use “Molisan”. During the day I use it as often as I remember it. I got noticeable result. I must admit, that if anyone has face skin problem, “Molisan” is really effective, but it needs time. I didn’t use it for other problems, like hair or anything else. So, I can’t say anything about it. But it’s very strong for face problems. 😊 It even helps to clean spots. 09.01.2016.

Inga Tchanturia

I agree with you, Molisan is a miraculous thing. In case of the wound, that couldn’t be healed with the use of different ointments for 6 months (in a patient with stroke), Molisan careated miracles in one week. The wound was healed as it was nothing there before. Molisan must be in every family.

Tikuna Tateshvili

My friends, I didn’t believe this medication, but I took a risk and bought it: let me try it on myself, what kind of medication it is. I was suffering from acne and face rashes. It was my dream to have beautiful and clean face skin. My friends, I want to tell you that Molisan made my dream come true. I recommend it to everyone to use Molisan. People, I tell you from my own experience, I’m not exaggerating. Thanks to people who created Molisan.

Nini Kupradze

I had a light inflammatory process on my gums caused by teeth whitener. I was abroad then and I couldn’t visit a doctor. However, I had Molisan. I was making Molisan swabs and was handling my gums with it, I also was making Molisan garglings. And Molisan helped me. I also had infectious warts which appeared after my vacation at the seaside. They were appearing on different areas of my body from time to time. And Molisan helped me.

I must admit, that I had no face rashes, but I was on diet and as you know during a diet face skin loses its characteristics. I applied Molisan and it purified my skin face totally and gave back its color. In my case Molisan stopped hair loss and made my sculp skin healthy. I use it for make-up removing, and I don’t use any lotions any more. Molisan is the lotion and everything for me. I take it everywhere with me as a mascot. May God bring you joy. A thing like Molisan wasn’t been invented in Georgia for a long time.

I could write a dissertation regarding Molisan as there are so many good words I can say about it. I told my mother as a joke that I should create and put a monument to Molisan creator as I’m so satisfied with this remedy.

Lena Orlova

Большое вам спасибо за прекрасный препарат Molisan. Полтора года назад моя мама получила травму ног, ей 75 лет и начались большие проблемы, начальная стадия трофической язвы. О конечных результатах еще конечно рано говорить, но процесс пошел и очень явный, буду продолжать заказывать. Будем надеяться, что удастся решить эту проблему.
Для лечения трофической язвы в начальной стадии я делала компрессы из тёплого Molisanа в течение 30-40 минут не менее 3 раз в день. Эффект наступил после первого применения.
И еще делюсь опытом, утром и вечером если делать примочки немного теплые, Molisan подогреть на водяной бане до 40°, эффект будет лучше, глубже проникновение препарата.

Ekuna Kvachadze

Покупайте Molisan и начинайте его использовать и вы обязательно получите хороший результат. Я тоже с сомнением смотрела на этот препарат, но начав им пользоваться, за одну неделю я получила и вправду отличный результат. И я очень рада.

Khatı Khatı

I had rashes on my face, more precisely on my forehead. I bought Molisan and used it for 1 month. It is unbelievable, but there was nothing that could help me. But Molisan managed to clean my face totally. I’m very grateful and thanks to the person who created Molisan, such a unique remedy. 6 months passed since I stopped using it, I didn’t use it anymore and it is not necessary for me to use it now.

Lia Tsankashvili

It is unbelievable. It must be in every family….

Mariam Tebidze

Molisan is just a miracle. I can’t describe it verbally….
💗 💗 💗

Nino Megrelidze

I want to share my private experience: Molisan effect in pediatrician practice is incomparable. Use of pampers is accompanied by allergic reactions: redness, rashes, itching and so on. After Molisan use all the symptoms disappeared totally in 1-2 days. Damaged area is handled with cotton-gauze tampon moistered in Molisan solution.

Marinini Batkuashvili

I’m a dentist. I couldn’t help myself from leaving a comment about this unique and universal medicationMolisan. It gives an unbelievable effect on treatment of different diseases of oral cavity, such as inflammation process, tooth extraction, eliminates bad breath. It is incredible for treatment of paradontosis and gingivitis. With Respect, Nato Kvitashvili.

Manana Nodia

Molisan - is a miracle, it is also effectives for papillomes!!!
My kid bought it, she had face rash, and Molisan helped it!!!
Afterwards I decided to try it on my papillommes. I was applying a cloth soaked in Molisan on my neck each day for 15 minutes two times a day. I got a miraculous result; it healed almost half of my papillomas. I’m going to buy one more bottle for me, to purify my skin totally. It is a wonderful medication!!!!

Maka Gubeladze

I wish joy to its creators.

Nino Bladadze

Thanks to the person, who created Molisan. It treated trophic ulcer which my mom had. I tried many things, but all medications were in vain. It is very strong. Use it necessarily; Molisan is the best!!!!!!!

Leila Lomouri

It is very good for treatment of different diseases. Thank you for Molisan.
💗 💗 💗

Lali Papashvili

Molisan is unrepeatable. I’m very satisfied with it.

Ruso Ejibia

I personally used Molisan. I had a terrible situation on my face. I hesitated for a long time. I couldn’t believe it was so effective. Thanks to Molisan creator.

Mile Shishani

I bought Molisan and it gave me a very good result!! And please, do not write that it has no result. When I visited this site for the first time and read about opportunities of Molisan and some comments, I lost my desire to buy it. But then I made my choice and I’m very satisfied.

Bela Otanadze

Molisan is a very effective remedy. It really has results. I’ve bought the 4th bottle already. Due to Molisan lesions of pigmented spots and freckles revealed on my skin during pregnancy totally disappeared. Now I use foundations rarely as my skin was cleaned and whitened owing to Molisan.
My kids had increased tonsils; we were making preparations for surgery. During running noses I was dripping Molisan and in 2 days flu disappeared. And our tonsils, you may believe it or not, decreased in size and it caused no unpleasant feelings. I also drink “Living Water”; it helps in weight correction, and cleanses the body very well. It is really strong.

Khatı Khatı

Even one course of Molisan is so effective that you will be surprised and frankly speaking Molisan is really a very strong remedy. 👍 👍 👍 I live in Turkey, read advertising and comments regarding Molisan on Facebook. I bought it in Batumi, at the pharmacy named “Tabo” if I’m not mistaken, and it helped me very much. If people in Turkey knew about Molisan, all of them would buy it.

Mari Shkubuliani

I also used it and I’m using Molisan now. It is a fantastic remedy for face cleaning and nails fungi. After several applications I had good result. I recommend it to everyone, it is really truthful!

Toka Puka

It is a very good remedy for rashes… it is very effective indeed.

Dajiko Jincharadze

What medication I have not bought for rashes, but none of them is compared to Molisan. It is a very strong medication!!! Super.

Manana Morchiladze

Molisan is really the best; it helps to treat so many conditions. We tried it in our family.

Inga Abramidze

I made Molisan wash outs of nasal cavity and it helped me to cure sinusitis.
I’m satisfied.

Sopiko Bakradze

It is wonderful. Molisan helped us very much.

Mariam Suarishvili

It is useful not only for skin… it gave me such a result at hair loss, that you could hardly imagine. Molisan is one of the best medications and needs to be distributed. Thanks to the person, who was working on its creation.

Lali Khubuluri

Molisan helped me very much. I used it almost for 3 months and my skin was so cleaned with its help that you could hardly imagine it there was any rashes on it before.

Shorena Chkhaidze

I’m very happy that medication called Molisan exists.

Teona Gumberidze

Indeed, may God grant you joy… Molisan is a real savior.

Goga Tsutsqiridze

Molisan indeed is a very strong medication. I often had herpes in the form of aphthous stomatitis. After Molisan use for 3-4 times I have no complaints.

Tamuna Chikhladze

My father is a litter patient and he has bedsores. And what I just did not do, it took a long period of time to cure them. Not long ago I tried it on a new bedsore. And now I can hardly express my gratitude. It purified it totally after I washed and cleaned the bedsore surface. However, I got tired with the process of buying and using different ointments, sometimes streptocide, sometimes baby powder to dry its surface and afterwards washing it out. I used to spend one hour for its careful cleaning. I placed gauze soaked in Molisan on bedsore surface and in half an hour I cleaned it and it was purified. I sighed with a relief. Thanks a lot for this magic liquid. May God grant joy to its creator.

Gugli Avsajanishvili

I’ve heard a lot about Molisanand I was always suspicious…. For example regarding comments, why all of them are written in Georgian fonts, maybe they got special pages created beforehand and they place comments by themselves… but anyway I’ve tried it and… you can believe me or not, that it is exactly the thing they are talking about. The result is fantastic. I write it especially using English font.

Lulu Machaidze

Molisan is a great remedy. Everyone must have it at home. I’m satisfied with it.

Teona Alexi

I can’t speak for others, but Molisan really helped me. I got it now and I use it to make my subcutaneous lesions melt away. .. It is very effective.

Sofo Sofi

I’m a cosmetologist with 12 year work experience. I use Molisan after deep face cleaning. It soothes and recovers irritated skin very well. And what is important prevents from any possible complication.

Juka Maisuradze-kirvalidze

I’ve started Molisan use for 4 days already. In 3 days pigmented spots disappeared from my face; as for allergic rashes, they intensified. Afterwards I’ve diluted it with water and for now face rashes are almost cleaned up, redness decreased significantly. I also use it for veins expansion. Of course, it is a long time process… I will inform you about former results in near future. Thanks, I’m satisfied.

Nana Mujiri

Since I’ve started to smear Molisan on my face, those fine rashes caused by the sun light totally disappeared. Thank Molisan!

Elza Tsintsadze

At first rashes are breaking out on your face and only after it is cleaning. Molisan helped to clean up my face very well, regardless the fact that I visited so many doctors before, and not only in Georgia, but abroad.

Fati Cinadze

Molisan is really a unique medication, with 100% result. My child used it in adolescence period, his face purified totally. After it Molisan is number 1st drug in our family!

Giorgi Kontuadze

Hello, I’m very satisfied with your product Molisan. It helped me to pass through adolescence period without any complexes. Let me express my gratitude once again. I recommend Molisan to all!

Tiko Dvalishvili

Molisan is the best remedy for wounds healing and for chronic tonsillitis process. Thank you very much Mr. David for Molisan creation.

Irma Bakhturidze

We tried Molisan on many things and we liked it very much. I try to have it at home always as it helps almost everything…

Xatuna Utmelidze

I use Molisan for my face for 1 month already. And I’m very satisfied with it.

Nuca Bakhtadze

Molisan is healing, indeed!

Giorgi Gabodze

Molisan worked on my skin with great effect. I had face rash and Molisan caused its total elimination. Molisan is also ideal for burns treatment!! 😊 Briefly, I could hardly expect such an effect. I thought it would work lightly but… I received an opposite result.

Tamo Elkanishvili (nini)

Thank you so much for such an unbelievable Molisan.

Eliso Oniani

I can call it miraculous Molisan.
Thanks to its creators and inventors.

Tornike Tsira

I’m very surprised with Molisan. More than a year passed since I’ve found it and I use it practically for everything: on my face, hair and as a throat gargling (my kid had purulent tonsillitis and we received an outstanding result). Molisan is such a thing that you can replace medicine chest with it.

Any Tvaradze

I want to say so many good words about Molisan, but I prefer to express it with one word only: LOVE it.
💗 💗 💗

Teona Gumberidze

May God grant you joy… Molisan is a real savior!

Tato Polodashvili

I do not think that anyone gets money for advertisements here. Molisan is really strong! 😊 Molisan очень сильный препарат!
👍 👍 👍

Inga Mdivani

I lave Molisani.
💗 💗 💗

Гио Фати

Molisan is a very good agent for face care. I didn’t achieve any result, but my family members are very satisfied with it. I had face rashes. Of course, I received a result, but not the desirable one. 💗 Anyway, I’m very satisfied as compared to the previous situation my face is clean.

Shorena Chkhaidze

I’m very happy that such a medication as Molisan exists.

Manana Morchiladze

Molisan must be in every family, it really creates miracles. We used it in our family.

Dajiko Jincharadze

This is the best remedy, I’ve ever heard about. My friend had feet nail fungi and Molisan treated it. I use it for face care. It’s brilliant!!!

Lali Khubuluri

Molisan helped me very much. I was using it for almost 3 months and it purified my face as if I had no rashes on it.

Qeti Zarandia

I bought Molisan for myself, to treat a very hard disease called vitiligo… I applied it but with no result. When I used it on my face, it cleaned up (during its use you shouldn’t touch your face with hands). On my mom’s neck appeared a spot, the size of a fingernail. Then it grew up, grew up and grew up… I kindly asked her to use Molisan. In 5 days approximately the spot started to slough off, and then disappeared, but visually it was seen as a red area. Afterwards, she used it for 10 days. Molisan helped to purify her skin totally. Most probably, that disease was psoriasis, I can’t say it exactly.

Then we gave Molisan to our relative. As she told me she was using it for hemorrhoids treatment and achieved perfect result… it’s a pity that I had no result, but it’s ok. This medication is good indeed and heals different diseases.

Ia Kvashilava

I like Molisan. I have an ideal result.

Matt Black

As soon as I applied Molisan in several hours my face skin became so different. I was so delighted. After several days everyone noticed that I look absolutely different. 😊 Generally, in my case a miracle happened. 😊 . I apply it on my body after bath and all the spots, which I had totally disappeared.

Teo Shashiashvili

Molisan is a very strong thing. I achieved a very good result.
It is very good that you produce this product.

Maka Kaishauri

Thanks to Molisan creators…
thanks to my Teo for finding this universal remedy.

Nino Niavadze

About 1 week passed since I’ve bought Molisan for my hair and I already feel a result.

Sofiko Baqradze

It is inredible. Molisan strongly helped us.

Zaza Kazaishvili

Molisan is very strong for face skin and hair loss. I’m satisfied.

Dali Terunashvili

Molisan is very effective. I used it and I’m very satisfied with its result.

Ia Mamamtavrishvili

Molisan is incredible. Apply it on your washed face with cotton tampon each evening and you will get the result very soon.

Inga Abramidze

I was using Molisan for nasal cavity washing at sinusitis. It strongly helped us to treat the disease. I’m satisfied.

Manana Morchiladze

Molisan is really the best. It helps with different conditions. We used it in our family.

Gio Fuci

At acne and different diseases you can use only Molisan and Molisan once again to get back your beauty. I’m making advertising. I saw the result of its use on myself as I applied it.

Ia Joxadze

Molisan is a very strong medication.

Tamari Gvarmiani

Molisan is the best thing indeed! Thank you very much. I had acne and Molisan was right for me…. I’m very satisfied. I bought 2 bottles already and I’m planning to buy the 3rd one.

Arina Xitrova

I liked Molisan very much….
It has great effect in a short period of time…

Lali Khubuluri

I also use Molisan and I’m very satisfied with it. Thanks to Molisan author

George Kvanchakhadze

Hello, I want to tell you that I had purulent rash on my back for several years. I used different medications but it didn’t help…. With the help of Molisan use for 1 month I reached the following result: 80% or rashes disappeared… some of them stayed, but the result is as a comparison of heaven and earth! It is a very strong medication.

Natia Makishvili

Molisan is a miraculous remedy for face skin.
I use it for my face and it is really the best.

Lela Phirtskhalava

Molisan is a brilliant remedy indeed. I like it very much.

Keso Kesi Basiladze

Molisan costs 30 GeoLari and it is really very effective.

Nino Baiashvili

Molisan purifies face skin totally. I used it for 1 month and liked it very much. But you should clear your face with Molisan for minimum 5-6- times a day if you want to get a result. It also helps to eliminate skin pores and makes skin face smooth.

Lala Alimanova

Molisan became a real savior for our family. Our kid is 3 years and 4 months old. All this time we are suffering from skin dermatitis. We tried to treat it with different medications. I applied Molisan accidentally and I couldn’t believe my eyes!!! All rashes disappeared in 5 days. I can’t express it verbally- what it means for us! My husband has sick throat- he uses Molisan gargling and it helps. Generally: thanks for health!!! I recommend it to all!

Ia Tsiklauri

Molisan is very strong. I’m using it for 1 month only. My rashes strengthened during the 1st week, but now I achieved a very good result. I must admit, that Molisan purifies skin spots very well. 👍 💗 💗 💗

Miranda Kvaracxelia

Molisan is a good medication. I saw this. May God grant joy to Molisan inventor.

Ana Tsiklauri

This is the moment when you want to criticize it, but Molisan really works so well.
😊 👍

Teo Sxirtladze

I used Molisan for my face and it is great. It really has an incredible effect.
👍 👍 👍

Tiko Tsereteli

Your Molisan made me very happy and 😊 thank you once again. I didn’t know that Molisan was so good and effective. 👍 Instead of throwing money to buy those ointments, it is better to buy Molisan and you will be satisfied. 👍 I used it for my face and it was totally purified and whitened. 😊 I had acne and it really worked.

Tamo Sulaqvelidze

I use Molisan for a long period of time and I’m so delighted as only 5 days have passed since I bought it for my face (I was using it for different things before) and terrible rashes disappeared from my face. Molisan made a deep impression on me with its effectiveness. And not only on me, but on all the members of my family as we all use it… I recommend it to all my friends and even to the strangers to buy Molisan. Molisan is not a simple solution; it is a prerequisite of healthy life. Please, tell the creator of medication that he’s a great person, may God grant him support. I wish him all the best. 💗

Natia Jorbenadze

This is real! 2 weeks have passed since I started to use Molisan and there are already some visual changes. If I bought it before I would already have a clean face. But it is not late even now. I clean my face with Molisan systematically. My kids are 16 years old and they had adolescence rashes. Molisan purified their faces totally and now they got no rashes. Nowadays people do not believe in it, but Molisan is a good medication indeed. Thanks you so much.

Liqsei Sotruta

Molisan is an amazing invention of an amazing person! Molisan eliminates angina and similar diseases from your life as small troubles. I used it on myself and on the members of m family, in the field and at home!

Lamara Jachvliani

I’m very glad that such an effective medication as Molisan exists and its price is very available. I recommend it to all my close people starting from this day as it is a universal remedy without any exaggerations. After all those expensive drugs we finally achieved a result due to Molisan.

Ekaterine Tevdoradze

It is really an effective medication, Molisan. I’ve got result in 3 weeks only. I’ve tried practically all things existing for sensitive skin care. But none of them gave me a result compared to Molisan, the result which I reached in 3 weeks. Many thanks for this miraculous elixir.

Lamara Jachvliani

Molisan is an effective medication indeed. I’m using it for 3 days and it already gave us result. My kid has acne, face and body rashes. It already gave us result and I’m very glad. Many thanks to the creator of the universal source of immortality called Molisan.

Manana Kenkebashvili

My kid had terrible face rashes, which disappeared without any trace after Molisan use. I and my family thank you for this gift. It is a gift indeed, this miraculous liquid called Molisan.

Khatı Khatı

4 days passed since I started Molisan use and I already get an incredible result. I can say it’s a miracle, it’s great, and there is no analogue. You should only use it properly, in the way mentioned in its instruction. Thanks to the person, who created this medication. I’m sure that Molisan will be very popular in the other countries in near future.

Nini Gviniashvili

2 months passed since I started to use Molisan to treat hair loss and I’m very satisfied with its result. Thanks Molisan.

Teo Teo

I use Molisan and it gave me a wonderful result in one week only. I use it for purulent rashes on my face and it is really good.

Eliza Zarxozashvili

I’m really surprised. I was suffering from tonsillitis and sinusitis for 2 years. I had terrible angina from time to time. After all, even antibiotics didn’t work. When I found out that Molisan existed, I just decided to try it: I was making throat gargling and nasal cavity wash-outs. I didn’t think that result would be so good. I was totally healed somewhat in 2 weeks; it seemed to me that even my voice changed for the better. I believe that it would be as effective for treatment of other diseases. I recommend it to all: just try it. Many thanks Molisan.

Anna Akhvlediani

I was using Molisan for my kid. I also gave him colloidal silver: we had atopic dermatitis diagnosis. We got a very good result. I must admit that Molisan is more effective in combination with colloidal silver.

Manana Kvezereli

I’m very satisfied with Molisan..
It helped 4 year kid to recover from angina in 2 days. Thanks Molisan

Nona Khasaia

Molisan stopped my hair loss. Many thanks Molisan.

Mari Kapanadze

I use Molisan for face skin care and I’m very satisfied with it. Red spots caused by acne totally disappeared from my face. It is a very good remedy indeed. 💋

Mariam Tavberidze

Molisan has a wonderful result. No medication could help me before. As for Molisan, it gave me a result very soon.

Laerti Qobalia

Molisan is really a good medication and I recommend it to everyone. Use it to treat different skin diseases. Thanks to producer of the medication.

Natia Bidzinashvili

Molisan is strong. I had not result for the first two weeks but now it is fantastic. Besides that it totally eliminated acne, it helped to improve skin structure clearly. I recommend it to all. It only needs time. 😊

Diko Zubashvili

It is apparent and it is the fact, that Molisan is the most effective drug, which I’ve ever used. I’m very satisfied. I’m already finishing the 2nd bottle and I’m very glad. I want to express my gratitude to the persons, who created this “wonderful elixir”. 😊 💗

Romuli Japaridze

7 years ago on my lower extremities, under knees appeared trophic ulcers. I treated it for years using different methods, including ointments bought at the pharmacy, as well as folk remedies. But I couldn’t achieve desirable result. Each day my ulcers were accompanied with unbearable pain and itching. I read Molisan advertisement on Facebook and decided to use it. Its result exceeded my expectations. Ulcer on one leg was cured totally and recovering process on the other leg is going on successfully with good result. The result is fantastic. I turn to all people suffering from trophic ulcers: use Molisan as soon as possible. It will definitely give you a relief. I don’t know who invented this immortality liquid, but I appeal to Nobel Prize Committee on behalf of people suffering from this disease, to give honorable prize to the person, who invented Molisan, a person sent to us by God. Academician, Romuli Japharidze.

Ruska Gogoladze

I can’t help myself from expressing gratitude to the person, who created this medication… 💗 Molisan is an incredible treatment agent indeed. It must be in every family. At the start I thought that information about it was exaggerated, but after using it I realized that it is necessary to say more: for more people to feel relief. Thank you once again and many times again and again. 😊

Anuki Kvirkvelia

I wanted to write here. 💜 Many thanks. 💜 I’m so surprised 👏 with its result I got in 5 days only: result, which I couldn’t achieve for years. 💜

Tato Polodashvili

Many thanks to the creator of this medication! I wish you success!

Mzia Suliashvili

Molisan is an outstanding remedy. My child has golden staphylococcus which we tried to treat using different methods for 12 years. But there was no result. Her face was full of comedones. Since we started Molisan use we saw its result. The kid’s face whitened and comedones disappeared somewhere. It is one month of Molisan” use and result is good. Now we bought the 2nd bottle and we hope to lead our treatment to its end. Thanks you, Mr. David.

Gig Karapetiani

It has an incredible effect for treatment of papilloma and rash. It totally purifies face skin.

I apply it about 10 times a day using the so-called cotton tampon. I got the result very soon: on the 4th day two papillomas dried and just dropped down. I also feel that my face is cleaning, purulent rash appear and afterwards it disappear again. I did not expect such a result. I’d never had purulent rashes before, but Molisan purified my face totally. At the beginning your face is covered with rashes and you should keep using Molisan”. Now I have slight rashes, but I notice that day by day my face looks better and rashes disappear. Generally, Molisan was absolutely right for the reason I bought it and I’m very satisfied! 😊

Anuka Papidze

10 days passed since I’m using this amazing tincture! I’ve been fighting with my face rashes for 4 years already; I tried all modern methods and procedures: chemical peeling, plasma lifting, mesotherapy, microdermal abrasion… But Molisan 10-day-use exceeded all my expectations! Thank you so much and I recommend it to people thinking that it is a myth, just try it!!! 😊

Nino Kakhelashvili

Molisan is a wonderful medication, as soon as you start using it, you will see a miraculous result. In my case it cured untreatable rashes which I tried to heal for years. I also felt a wonderful result with gums problem. I want to express my gratitude to Molisan inventor, Mr. David Tomadze and to the whole group, which actively works on Molisan production.

Ta Mu

It is effective. 😊
I’m very satisfied with its result. 😊

Nino Charkhalashvili

Molisan is a very effective remedy and I’m very happy that such a good product is produced in Georgia!

Gio Fuci

Now I’ll explain it all to you.
You should wash your face with room temperature water and let your skin dry. Then apply Molisan foments almost to the whole face. At that time Molisan steam evaporation takes place on your face. After 10 minutes you should repeat this process. Three time a day. It depends on what kind of rashes you have. Or 5 times a day. Did you get it? After all you shouldn’t wash your face as Molisan left on your face evaporates and skin cells rejuvenate, and dead cells are replaced by new ones. It is restricted to torment your face with fingers or other devices. If you trust me, 3 weeks are enough to reach a result. Use it and you will have no regrets regarding money spent on it. Healthy skin, healthy food, don’t forget it.

1 bottle is 1 litter. It will be good if you use Molisan from time to time after you finished your treatment. As I couldn’t continue, my skin is slightly irritated and it’s caused by dust. But it was very effective, indeed. I’m going to use it until my skin gets healthy. The result will be stable if you won’t irritate your skin.

Dali Jincharadze

В общем, в жизни не покупала лекарства, сравнимого по эффективности с Molisanом! Я очень им довольна, уже купила вторую партию!!! Необыкновенное лекарство!

Натия Тварадзе

In my life I’ve never bought a medication compared to its results effectiveness with Molisan! I’m very satisfied with Molisan. I’ve bought the second bottle already!!! It’s an incredible medication!

Нона Пиркселиани

It’s very strong. I use it instead of deodorant in my armpits. When I had gingivitis, several Molisan gargling helped me. In a word, if you have Molisan, you are protected.

Tsiko Mamatsashvili

Molisan really possesses miracle effectiveness. My kid makes Molisan garglings: he has acute tonsillitis (I refrain from surgery). We started Molisan gargling for 3 days and we got apparent result: purulent patch disappeared, redness and pain melt away. 😊
Я собираюсь провести длительный курс лечения Molisanом. We are going to perform long-time treatment with Molisan. Thank you very much and I have a great hope that one perfect day classical, torturing and commercial medicine will be replaced by natural and traditional remedies like yours. 😊

Maia Kuprashvili

I use this medication quite well: for angina, face cleaning (face spots discolor). I like Molisan very much. I also use it when my kid has running nose… It’s very strong.

Dali Dali

A miracle medication…
Thank you very much that you exist and provide us essential information.

Eteri Omanadze

You don’t even know, Mr. David, what kind of pain disappeared from my life with the help of Molisan. I wish you joy. I can’t express it verbally. I was suffering from the so-called simple herpes on my lip for 4 years; it hardened, increased, than burst. And for 4 years there was no healing, it was getting wet and the wetting never dried. I had terrible pain, I didn’t want to go outside and when I was walking in the street I was hiding my lip with my hand. When I used Molisan for the first time, it gave me relief, I had no pain. On the 2nd day wetting dried, inflammation stopped and it is already healing. May God give you joy and strength. I’m very grateful to you. God bless you. 💋

Lika Margvelashvili

It is an incredible remedy!!! Molisan helped my kid to heal chronic tonsillitis (purulent glands). Before Molisan use even after antibiotics course inflammation was coming back in 2-3 weeks. Moreover, I’m very satisfied with colloidal copper and gold. Thanks MOLISAN!

Eka Mekokishvili

I use Molisan. It’s universal. It helped my kid to heal flu and cough in one week. It is used in gynecology as well. All the members of my family take “Living Water”. It is very good.

Barbare Gorgoshidze

I’ve been using Molisan for vaginal sanitation for several months already and I’m very satisfied with its results.

Nana Tkemaladze

Мы применяем Molisan в гинекологии. Очень хороший раствор.
Применим при многих вопросах.

Мадонна Тодадзе

We use Molisan in gynecology.
It is a very good solution. With multiple ways of use!

Dali Jincharadze

Molisan is a very effective remedy. I’m very satisfied!!!
The strongest medication!!!!

Maia Shushtakashvili

I’m Molisan fan!
It is an incredible medication!

Nati Cheishvili (Dora)

You have a miraculous medication! 😊
I like Molisan very much!

Natia Dzirkvelishvili

I’m very satisfied with Molisan. It’s very effective. I use it for my face, as well as for oral cavity. It is very good. It helps any kind of inflammation.

Nona Akhobadze

Molisan is a very strong medication. It is a second day as I’m using it for feet fungi and it has an incredible result. Thank you, Mr. David, for this unusual medication. I could never imagine that I would have such a result in one day only.

Lamara Margiani

Molisan has a good visual appearance.
I like it. 😊

Maiko Sharvashidze

Owing to Molisan allergic rashes on my face disappeared 😊 traces of old rashes cleared and natural function of my skin recovered so that I hardly use nutritious crèmes. After make-up washing with soap, I do not dry my face, just wait until it dries. And in the morning, after face washing and Molisan apply 😊 I just wait until my face dries and only after it I do my make-up. 😊

Friends, I made a comment that Molisan is a discovery for allergic skin, it purifies it. But I didn’t make a comment to answer your questions day after day and waste my time on it. I just shared my experience, but please, do not disturb me, and do not ask for additional information or evidence! As if you don’t trust me for the first time, you won’t believe my words for the second time as well. And there is no use to talk about it once again. 😊 Don’t think that I make advertisement and they pay me money for it.

I see it every day in my chat: is that true that Molisan helps problematic skin? Please, justify it and explain how to use Molisan. I’ve already told you that it really helps, regarding the way of its use; you can find it in Internet.

Nika Sofromadze

I had seborrhea for 10 years approximately. If you had it, you know those terrible itching, dry skin. It is peeled off in a terrible way. I want to say it definitely once again, I really had that disease! Doctors in one voice prescribed me”Nisoral” shampoo. I use it periodically, actually with no result. If I was using it for longer than a month, skin on my head was burning. And if I was using it for a shorter period, it didn’t work. Once I read about seborrhea and what it was exactly and I revealed that Molisan contains elements that are used for my disease treatment. I applied it on my head skin for a week, every night. More than 2 months passed since that. My skin is in a very good condition. It never gets dry, it is not peeled off and I have no itching.

Mamuka Vashadze

I like the way Molisan effects on the smell of sweat. I’m not using anything else. I feel comfortable all day long. Thanks Molisan!!

Eka Janelidze

Molisan influences very well on many things. I’ve already used it. Personally I’m very satisfied with it. So, all information about Molisan is true.

Ioan Na

Molisan is not a panacea,
but it is a very effective medication.

Rusudan Ratiani

Molisan should be handed in our country as humanitarian aid.
I’m talking about it seriously.

Maka Chedishvili

I’m very satisfied with Molisan. It helps very well when you have tonsillitis.
Thank you.

Nino Liluashvili

Molisan foments use are very effective for trophic ulcers.
It is a good remedy!!!

Eka Qlibadze

Molisan costs 29 lari.
It is very good for stomatitis. I’m using it.

Eka Asatiani

I recommend to all to buy Molisan. It you don’t have internal problem, it helps any kind of rashes, and not only rashes.

Mariam Abuladze

Molisan is a very strong remedy. I recommend it to singers to use it, as it returns even lost notes and it is useful not only for treatment of vocal cords. To the persons wishing to lose weight, take “Living Water”. Thank you very much!!!!!

Maia Avaliani

This happiness costs 29 lari. It is very good. I didn’t use it for face cleaning, but it helps purulent rashes in a perfect way.

Lika Gvelesiani

Molisan is a very strong medication indeed!!!

Maka Tofuria

I’m very satisfied with Molisan.
It’s an incredible medication.

Avto Khuciberidze

Molisan is right not only for acne; it is good for fungi and many other things. It is a very good medication.

Madona Khachidze

Molisan is very effective for solving many problems.

Nina Dzindzibadze

I use it too, and when I used it for the first time, it gave me a result immediately. I was using many drugs, but none of them had such a result.

Zoia Abuladze

Molisan is the best medication, I’m very satisfied. Thank you.

Elene Gachechiladze

I’ve bought Molisan already, applied it on my face and my skin became so soft. Let us see what happens after its permanent use.

Dik Didigvarisa

I can’t keep myself from writing: 2 days have passed since I applied Molisan on my face and I’m surprised. I didn’t believe in it before. Thank you.💋

Mari Managadze

It’s a shock!!! I bought Molisan today, used it once and I already have a result! I’m going to clean my face in the evening. It’s a miracle.

Anna Geladze

I’m very satisfied with Molisan. It is the 2nd day since I’ve started to use it for face cleaning and I got a result.

Nana Dzindzabadze

Molisan is a miracle! I’ve never used such a medication.

Mako Sergia

Molisan is a wonderful medication!
It’s a real miracle.

It’s a real miracle.

For example, I apply Molisan on my face every evening, morning and afternoon. Every time I remember it. It changed my skin totally. Thanks.

Dato Inga

Use it!
Molisan is effective, indeed.

Ekaterine Jincharadze

Personally I used 1 bottle of Molisan in 3 weeks. I started to use the 2nd one and got a very good result. The more often you use it, the better result is. For example, I even apply foment at night and during the day. I clean my face in 10-15 minutes.

Levani Alania

People, Molisan really helps. It’s very good.
It helped me in one week only!!!

Natia Gelashvili

I’m using Molisan already. I get a result.
It’s very important not to irritate skin simultaneously.

Shorena Gogaladze

Molisan is a miraculous and good thing…
My kid was free from acne in 5 days….

Tamari Mindiashvili

It is the 4th day since I’ve started to use Molisan. I’m very satisfied. I even took photos of my rashes before I started Molisan use and 4 days later. The result is apparent.

Nato Jafaridze

I’m very satisfied with your medication Molisan. It gave me a very fast and good result. I use it in the morning and in the evening.

Katerina Gonadze

I use this product; I must admit it once again: it is the strongest one!!! Apply Molisan on your face with cotton tampon, several times a day!!! A very strong product!!! Bravo!!!!!

Sof Guliashvili

I got a result on the 2nd day!!!

Nana Malasidze

I used Molisan and its result is the strongest one.
I recommend it to all. 😊

Tamuna Kopadze

It’s good.
It just needs time, but Molisan is effective indeed.

Irma Irma

Molisan is really strong.
I’ve started treatment with Molisan 4 days ago and the result is obvious.

Nino Radlevskaia

This medication is very effective

Maia Jajanidze

I tried it and I’m very satisfied. I was suffering from face rashes for years and Molisan helped me to get free from it.

Giorgi Kashia

Molisan is the strongest medication of all!!!

Teo Tskhvedadze

People, Molisan is really very strong. I like it very much.
I got perfect results.

Janna Qibrotsashvili

2 weeks have passed since I started to use Molisan.
It really cures acne. It performs miracles…

Irma Bakhtadze

Buy Molisan. It performs miracles on your face.

Khatuna Zaqaidze

Molisan is incredible and I’m very grateful to Nino Gogilashvili who advised me to use it. I got an incredible result.

Miranda Miqeladze

Molisan is very strong. It is so good that we sent it to Italy.
People take it to different countries. 😊

Lasha Mari

One week has already passed since I started Molisan use for hair loss treatment. I got very good result. Hair loss stopped. Thank you very much for such a good product. 💜

Eka Davitashvili

Molisan is a unique remedy.

Lizi Gelashvili

Oh, Molisan is really strong!!!

Evelyn Molko

Molisan helps to eliminate pigmented spots, including the ones caused by the sun burn and most probably it helps to eliminate spots caused by rash traces.

Тео Тео

Buy Molisan at the Pharmacy N23 next to Marjanishvili Metro Station, at the Pharmacy, where medications are prepared. Ask there. It’s universal.

Salome Elizabarashvili

Molisan is very strong indeed. My husband had gingivitis. He used Molisan gargling for one week and there is no trace of inflammation left.

Marina Sibashvili

Molisan is sold at the Pharmacy N 23, next to Marjanishvili Metro. Ask there and you will be very grateful, really. I saw result in 2 weeks. I was making Molisan foments to the most irritated and red areas. I was soaking tampons in Molisan often. I warm it a bit and result is better. At the beginning I thought it was nothing, but I was applying it on my scares often and it helped me. I don’t think the expiry date is one month only, I think it’s not less than 3 months.

Miranda Miqeladze

I’m very satisfied with Molisan.

Tamila Khalvashi

It’s a great thing. I’m very satisfied with this medication. I used Molisan for wound treatment, burns as well as for acne. It’s very strong. It healed my fingers which were always peeled off. 💜

Tako Arabidze

Molisan is very strong.

Nanuka Bejanishvili

Sooner or later, I finally bought Molisan. 💜 It’s the strongest one. I use it for my hair, personal hygiene… for face cleaning… and for many other things. It’s the strongest one. Thank you very much. I’m going to buy it again… the great one. 💜 💜

Victoria Imnadze

Molisan is very good. Indeed. We had angina and running nose, and came out of this state without antibiotics.

Lanuki Silakadze

I’m using Molisan for 5 days already. The result is really good. It eliminated rashes; my skin became miraculously soft and tender. I’m very satisfied. Thank you very much for helping me. 😊 💜

Marta Goshuani

Molisan is a very good thing. I have it and I’m very satisfied.

Асмати Дарбаидзе

Molisan - it's a miracle.

Tsitso Mazmishvili

I used it but in vain. It didn’t give me any result.
So, it’s a lie. It’s a lie when they write it’s good.

So, it’s a lie. It’s a lie when they write it’s good.

It’s not a lie. I had rashes during pregnancy. Nothing could help me. I used ointments. But Molisan helped me the best. I also had hemorrhoids and it also disappeared. It’s very strong.

Sofa (Sofia)

3 days since I’ve started to use Molisan. I apply it after face washing many times. I read that the more often you apply it the better result is. My rashes strengthened very much, as I expected. I hope, it starts to eliminate soon. 💜

Ta Tu Ka (Biiebzz)

It’s the second day I’m using Molisan. The result is evident. Indeed.

Melano Melano

Molisan is a miracle comes true. It must be handed in every family as a gift. It performs miracles for everything absolutely.

Lili Maisuradze

One week passed since I started to use Molisan. I can’t say I had too intensive rashes before I’ve started to apply it; as I didn’t have too many rashes. But I had allergy on something and it disturbed me. On the 1st day Molisan soothed my face. When I woke up on the 2nd day, my face was in abnormally terrible state as all inflammatory processes located subcutaneously came to the surface owing to Molisan. This state lasted for 3-4 days and afterwards, bit by bit, started to sooth and now it’s almost eliminated. It’s very good. 😊 For more effectiveness, wash your face with special soap created for acne. I personally use “Sebamed” soap and it’s very effective. Do not use “Safeguard” and other chemical soaps. For the last 3 days I take “Living Water” in the morning, on empty stomach. In a word it really has result. The most important thing is a wish and patience to come through that terrible face for several days. More often you use it the better result is.

Alma Beridze

Molisan cleaned all my imperfections in a week without any aggravation. As I guess, it works individually. I was so happy that I couldn’t move away from the mirror for 3 days. Now I use it for prophylaxis and clean my face with Molisan after washing. I do not wipe it; just wait until it’s dry. It is a genius remedy. I like it very much…. 💜

Daji Jincharadze

I’ve never bought a medication similar in effectiveness with Molisan! I apply it on my face and my appearance changed radically for the better!

Khatia Sulaqvelidze

Molisan is the best thing I’ve ever used.
Thanks Molisan. 😊

Nana Janashia

I used it and didn’t like it.
At the beginning it helped me a bit for 3-4 days and afterwards rashes strengthened.

Elza Tsintsadze

Molisan took your inflammations to the surface. You shouldn’t stop it. The same thing happened to me, but after it my face cleaned. I must admit, that Molisan warmed is more effective. I got result in 1 month.

Eto Natidze

2 weeks have passed since I started Molisan use for staphylococcal rash and I got result, indeed. At the beginning it seemed like my rash strengthened, but later I guessed that it purified skin totally. After it my face cleared absolutely

Ciso Qamadadze

I bought Molisan lately and applied it 2 times. I got a result already.
It’s really a wonderful liquid.

Nona Kurdiani

I like Molisan very much.

Sandro Akhalkatsi

It is really very effective.

Lika Rokhvadze

Molisan cures indeed.

Zver Zver (Romantikos)

Briefly, I’m using it for 7 days already and it didn’t help at all. I’m in my adolescence period and its rashes. But my mom and dad had some problems and Molisan eliminated them all. It doesn’t influence on me only. 👏 👏 👏 👏

Tamta Mgeladze

I’m using Molisan for 2 weeks already, maybe longer. The result is truly evident.

Nino Museridze

Molisan is fantastic!

Vang Elei

It’s great. When I bought Molisan and opened the bottle, I poured it to the closed bottle, so it was enough for a long period of time. The effect is strong. I sighed with a relief. 👍 💜

Ta Mo

I’m interested whether it is acceptable to apply foundations during Molisan use? Do they decrease the medication effect? And after what period of time the effect will be noticeable?

Lizi Gelashvili

The effect will be evident in one week already…
I apply Molisan 4-5 times a day and I like it very much.

Madzgarashvili Marika

I’m satisfied… After applying Molisan, I use foundation and nutritious crème is not needed as Molisan softens my skin so well… I’m very satisfied. Thanks to its creator. 👍 👌

Tato Joglidze

It is very good, indeed… I saw significantly great result in one day… Bravo!!!

Inga Esvanjia

It is perfect for intimate prophylaxis! I use it once a month for 3-4 days before cycle and for 3-4 days after it! One-time procedure is enough. You will be protected over the whole period!

Maia Khvichia

It turned out that Molisan in warmed state is more effective for acne treatment…

Mariam Mgeladze

Mariam Mgeladze 💜 It is 100% effective. 💜

Ni Ka

Molisan is a very good remedy. I use it for 7 days already and it has perfect effect.

Etuna Tvaradze

It helps and heals many diseases. It is sold in Kutaisi, at Malvina’s pharmacy.

Ta Mi

It is a very good thing, really good… I took two bottles to Germany. But now it disturbs me, the fact that it’s not available here. Is it possible to make an order from abroad? 😊

Elza Tsintsadze

It is great for your face. I’m satisfied.

Änna Bochoridze

I’m the same as before...

Giji Giji

Oh, Girl! A worse thing happened to me. Rashes appeared all over my face. And I felt result only on 11th day. Don’t give up!

Elene Mandzulashvili

Oh, it doesn’t help me too. My rashes intensified.

Veronica Kintsurashvili

People, one week passed since I started to use Molisan, but with all possible laziness, I apply it only once a day. And it’s a normal thing that rashes intensify at the beginning but after applying medication they became lighter and finally disappear. I achieved a very good result with such a regime. And if I followed their recommendations maybe my rashes disappeared in 3 days.

Elza Tsintsadze

Don’t stop using it. Molisan in warmed state will definitely help you. I’m satisfied. But at the beginning rashes increased, then disappeared. I got result in 1 month. I advise you to proceed. 👏

Nana Orjonikidze-Benidze

It is really a wonderful medication.

Caulina Malazonia

I buy Molisan often. One gargling is enough to heal sore throat. It eliminates face rashes very well.

Anano Kiknadze

I’m 13 years old. But I don’t have acne, I have comedones. Molisan is very good for it. I recommend it to all. It’s expensive, but your beauty needs expenses. Molisan is the most effective medication. Thanks Molisan 💜 💜 💜

Tata Kvekveskiri

I’m very satisfied. In case of my child it healed purulent glands!!!

Ele Eleniko

Molisan must be in every family. It is a miraculously effective remedy.

Beso Katsitadze

Molisan It’s great!!!

Nato Galakhvaridze

I’m very satisfied. There is no trace of dandruff left, indeed!

Eti Mokhavishvili

One week passed since I bought it. It is really good.

Tamuna Phirtskhalaishvili

I agree with you. It’s a miraculous medication Molisan.
I personally used it and I’m very satisfied.

Xaat Una

Molisan it is very effective. I like it.

Nato Galakhvaridze

I’m very satisfied. There is no trace of dandruff left, indeed!

Likuna Dzindzibadze

It’s a fact! It helps all the above mentioned conditions.
😊 😊 😊

Ekaterine Demuria

I’m 11 years old, I bought Molisan and I’m using it for 4 days. It helped me very much. Thank you so much.
😊 💜

Nana Gugushvili

It has great result on bedsores. I personally used it and I can’t describe it verbally …

Maia Gogberashvili

I don’t have acne or other staphylococcal infections. I use it for cleaning and I’m very satisfied.

Maia Vardanashvili

Molisan is a very effective remedy.

Vano Maghradze

It’s a lie.
It didn’t help my rashes. They just intensified.

Tornike Davitashvili

Persons, who say that it didn’t help! When I start talking to them, it turns out they didn’t use it according to recommendations. They make me mad. As they think if a bottle of Molisan stands in their bathroom, rashes will melt away by themselves. 👏 👏 👏

Ani Shonia

It’s a miraculous thing. I advise you all, buy it. I’m very satisfied with its results.
💜 💜 💜

Vang Elei

I agree with you to 100%: Molisan is really good.
👍 👍 👍

Megi Aqubardia

I’m limitlessly satisfied with Molisan. Thank you very much.