Silvergen Colloidal Silver Used Orally & Via a Nebulizer.

Silvergen Colloidal Silver Used Orally & Via a Nebulizer
From: Lisa Cramer
Date: 07/01/07
Contact: Pretzelogc @
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My first experience with silver was as a teen in 1976 when I was successfully treated for 115 warts on my hands. A physical therapist in Richmond, Indiana who had successfully treated his own severely wart-encrusted feet, conducted the treatment. A silver solution was soaked on gauze bandages, then wrapped around my fingers. Each finger was then wrapped in aluminum foil. Molds upon which I rested my hands had an electric current attached. Dr. Tony Certo prescribed six treatments over a two week period. I knew other teens who had been successfully treated on the two week regimen, however, I was treated for a longer period of time, and at a higher current of electricity, with no extra fee, until the warts disappeared. The warts just shrank away. No scarring. All who knew me were astonished at the results.

In 2002, colloidal silver was recommended to me by my sister, an RN, who previously worked for a doctor whose own father had been a Native American medicine man. I used the CS, purchased at GNC, on a cat whose paw had been shredded in a trap. I gave the CS to him orally and soaked his paw in a bowl of diluted CS. His paw regenerated it self perfectly as if the injury had never occurred. Five years later, and the cat's paw is still perfect.

I decided to treat other ailments of my cats with the CS. We have outdoor cats in our barns who attract other outdoor cats who then spread their infections to our cats. The vet had unsuccessfully treated with antibiotics, what I call "the eye ick", resulting in the death of several cats. The vet said it was highly contagious and fatal, and the antibiotics would have to be administered for the lifetime of the cat, resulting in side-effects that would kill the cat. We put CS in the eyes of our cats in addition to adding CS to the drinking water, and all cats were cured. The cats no longer have worms either. CS also kills their ear mites. The CS is also very soothing to the irritated, dry skin condition of another cat. Another shredded paw occurred on a second cat, and it too, regenerated itself perfectly.

My husband and I purchased a Silver-Gen machine to make our own colloidal silver. We set it on a little over half a concentration. We have never tested the concentration. The machine turns itself off when the concentration level is reached to the point set on the dial.

I began giving CS to family and friends to use on their pets. One gal has a kennel, and another gal is part of the foster dog network. Others just have a dog or two. Numerous cats have also been treated. All have healthy pets using CS.

We were given a basset hound and a beagle. The basset came to us with a black "groin crud" that required regular application of an antibiotic. The crud never went away for more than a day, and then the antibiotic would have to be reapplied. This had been going on for his entire two years. The application of CS cured the crud in a week, and it has never been back. The CS also kills the ear mites and "eye ick" in both the basset and the beagle.

My husband and I began using CS on ourselves in 2004. I have not had any illness that CS did not cure within 24 hrs. Most are cured within minutes. The one time my husband became ill was because he did not have CS with him at work to begin treatment. His co-workers were sick for more than a week, but he began treatment that first night and returned to work after two days. Now he keeps CS at work, and often begins treatment as co-workers' ills begin to take their toll on him. No more sick days! No more illness for either of us!

I have had a fingertip regenerated! I cut off the end of my finger while working at our local soup kitchen. The doctor said I lost the nail-bed, and that I would no longer have a nail on that stub of a finger. He also told me to keep it dry, and return the next day to change the bandage. However, upon arrival at home, I soaked my finger in CS, and then wrapped it in CS-soaked gauze and taped it. At first I changed the gauze several times a day. Then I just changed it as needed. I had a perfectly restored finger in three weeks!

I also successfully use CS in a nebulizer. When I have chest congestion and wheezing beginning to take hold, CS in the nebulizer has me well in minutes. A friend who gets sinus infections on a regular basis also cures herself in minutes using CS in a nebulizer. I heard of this from an ex-Amish friend who has been doing this for decades.

At the $4-$5 dollars and ounce that GNC was charging for CS, we have given away over $16,000 worth of CS. We make the CS at a cost of pennies per ounce. My only request of the recipients is for them to tell me how the CS works as treatment. The list of ailments successfully treated using CS for us, family and friends is long:

Abrasions, Asthma attacks, athlete's foot, boils, burns, colds, diarrhea, ear infections, eye infections, flu, infections from hang-nails and splinters, poison ivy, scrapes and cuts, skin irritations due to sweat, sore throats, toe fungus, toothaches, warts, chronic yeast infection. I no longer have need for allergy medication for the first time in thirty years! Remarkably, a friend who had what his doctors called "a sealed infection in his sternum" for thirty-five years with numerous MRI's and treatments to no avail, was cured of the pain the first day he used CS to treat the flu.

We also use CS as body deodorant, mouthwash, and as a cleaning disinfectant daily. We have had no side effects. On another note, a gal who works for Eli Lilly in Indianapolis told us that the company is concerned consumers will begin to use colloidal silver at a rate faster than the company can switch their revenues from antibiotics to hormone medications. From her research, she became convinced CS works, and now makes her own using a Silver-Gen.

As having been educated in the field and served on faculty as a science teacher, I find the evidence of the healing power of colloidal silver overwhelming.

I also find fascinating the evidence for the purity of silver and its healing powers in the writings of the Hebrew Scriptures.

I do want to specify, that the particles of silver must be so small as to make a clear solution. Curiously, I wanted to test the controversy for myself so I purchased the yellow-tinged, larger particles of silver from a company online, and their product did not work for me. Three other people I know purchased two of the other yellow-tinged brands with the same results of no effectiveness. Smaller particles in the clear CS have the required larger surface area per measure. The website selling the higher priced, larger particles of silver forming a yellow-tinged solution claimed the opposite to be true, which is not fact. Nor did their product have any healing effect.

My suggestion would be to distinguish between three categories: (1) true CS which requires an incredibly expensive and elaborate process. (2) Medicinal CS which is clear. (3) Inferior CS which is yellow. The rating of Medicinal vs. Inferior would stop much of the confusion and contradiction in claims, and thus, true testing could result. Since we have "junk food" requiring a listing of ingredients. I would like to see yellow "junk CS" labeled in a manner the consumer can understand. A new standard for listing the size of particles of metals needs to be established. Having "junk CS" labeled, "Contains 0 particles of effective size for nutritional absorption", or something to that effect, would be great, in my opinion. To accurately understand the data, a comment of "Clear CS" or "Yellow CS" listed with the ppm would be incredibly helpful to researchers and consumers alike, and could be detrimental to the sellers of the "Yellow CS". With the "Yellow CS" out of the market, then true non-conflicting data on CS could be obtained for study.

I have just requested of my sister the name of the physician, who is a son of a Native American medicine man, and who introduced her to colloidal silver. If you desire the information, please contact me.

I do not sell CS or any equipment associated with it, nor do I work for anyone who does. It truly has been a remarkable discovery for maintaining our excellent health, for which I am very grateful.

Lisa Cramer

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