Throat and Mouth Infection Cured with Nanosilver.

Throat and Mouth Infection Cured with Nanosilver
From: Brenda Britton
Date: 07/26/07

Several weeks ago I came down with a severe throat infection involving tonsils, adenoids, vocal chords and even the roof of my mouth. None of the usual "over-the-counter" stuff was working. Since I had been treating a systemic candida infection since last Dec. and was almost free of it, I did not want to have to resort to antibiotics, knowing that this might put me back to "square one" with the infection.

When I became ill with candida I had to start on the journey of educating myself about natural medicine since there were no good pharmaceuticals on the market that worked long term...and those that did have a minimal degree of killing the candida brought with it a risk of destroying my liver. So, when I became ill with this throat infection I put my symptoms in the computer, looking for a natural cure and collodial silver came up on my search.

I had seen references to this a number of times in a lot of the material I had read in recent months, but never really researched or tried it. Since I knew that there were certain things to look for in finding a high-quality collodial silver I looked up some independent consumer studies that had been done comparing the qualities and prices of some of the major ones on the market. Nanosilver ranked the highest in all categories.

When I ordered my first bottle I could barely swallow anything. It hurt even to drink warm liquids. I had run a low grade fever for about 48 hours and my throat was red and swollen. I had the Nanosilver air-shipped and the first day it arrived I took 2 tbsp. every 4 hours.

I had a dramatic improvement within 24 hours and was fully recovered within days. I pulled back on a lot of the enzymes, probiotics and supplements I was taking to treat the candida because of swallowing issues. But, I noticed that even the thrush from the candida seemed to almost entirely go away. I couldn't believe that, with all of the different treatments (some worked on minimally) I tried, that it could be as simple as that. A number of other symptoms I've been dealing with as a result of the candida and the damage it does to the immune system have improved dramatically.

I'm so thankful and grateful that I got that sore throat... otherwise I might never have found out he wonderful healing powers of colloidal silver.

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