Hepatitis C and Colloidal Silver.

Hepatitis C - Viral Infection
Success with Colloidal Silver

From: Lew Bellows

After about 2 weeks of taking the Colloidal Silver, I started to notice that my energy levels were significantly higher, and that I was feeling better overall. I actually wondered if there was anything in the Colloidal Silver that would make me feel like I was speeding. The closest thing to which I can describe the feeling I had was when I used to take Bee Pollen back in the 1970s, which would give me a very smooth buzz.

I finished the 3 month program with the Colloidal Silver and the effects it had on my system were astounding! I had a full blood work test done after the Colloidal Silver program and all of my blood was in the normal range. I still tested positive for Hepatitis C, but the viral levels were very low.

Today I still go to acupuncture and massage therapy and I take an ounce of Colloidal Silver everyday as a preventative measure. I am active and workout all the time, and can complete a full day’s work without having to go home to take a midday nap. My acupuncture doctor was also amazed, and he is researching Colloidal Silver to see whether he wants to incorporate it into his herbal program for treatment.

I am a firm believer that the program I follow with the acupuncture, massage, and Colloidal Silver, along with a somewhat healthy living lifestyle, will allow me to continue to function in a normal everyday pattern."

Lew Bellows - Asheville, NC

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