Viral Stomach Flu Halted by Colloidal Silver.

Viral Stomach Flu Halted by Colloidal Silver
From: Ann Minch
Date: April 23, 2010
Contact: None
Type of Silver Used: Unk.

I work for a county mental health department - a high stress and often germy environment. A virulent stomach flu was going around, and we had both staff and clients down with severe vomiting and diarrhea. I started getting it.

Being quickly overcome I rushed to the store after work for the usual supplies of 7-up, crackers and Pepto. I was praying I wouldn't throw up in the store, I was dizzy and felt terrible. I remembered having seen on the 'net something about colloidal silver being able to tackle many kinds of nasties, and since we are dreadfully understaffed I just don't' have time to be out sick.

So on a whim, I ducked into a nearby GNC and picked up some CS. Within minutes of the very first dose, the nausea was COMPLETELY gone and by the next day I was fine! It totally staved off the hideous barf bug. I will never let my medicine cabinet be without colloidal silver!

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