Garry Hobart, Cellulitis.

From: Garry Hobart
Date: 05/16/07
Contact: N/A
Type of Silver: Home Brew CS, ~ 10 PPM ( Hanna PWT )

I have chronic lymph edema in both legs. I am therefore highly susceptible to infections, particularly cellulitis. On 4 separate occasions I have cured cellulitis using only colloidal silver. This can be a life threatening infection in my case so I waste no time in treating it. I take a 12oz cup every hour and a half to two hours until the infection is gone. Anything less does not seem to be effective. It usually takes about 3 days to cure, which is a vast improvement over a 10 day hospital stay on IV antibiotics followed followed by 12 weeks of oral antibiotics. That was the treatment I underwent the first time I was hospitalized for this disease.

My new girlfriend and I went to a comedy show on our second date. A week later we both came down with the worst flu we had ever had. We were both sick as dogs for 3 ½ weeks. I finally decided to try nebulizing colloidal silver. The affect was nothing less than a miracle. Within 5 minutes I was well! That is NO EXAGERATION!

My girlfriend was an RN and would have no part of it. Until about an hour later. She could see just how much better I was and decided to give it a try. Within 3 minutes she was feeling well. We went out for dinner that evening after being bed bound for 3 ½ weeks. Bird flu just does not worry me too much anymore. After that she started telling everyone about CS! It has been nothing less than a miracle in my life. My current girlfriend suffers from RSD. We are about to give her a full six week course of CS. I will let you know how it goes.

All my best
Garry Hobart

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